Monday, April 11, 2016



Firstly, we want to thank to God because giving us a time and chance to finish this job. Next, thank you to our lecture that is En. Roslan Bin Shaari for his help. He  helping us a lot and we really appreciate his kindness. Not only that, he also giving us a good advice to help us  to produce a good assignment for this subject. We  also want to thank him because he could spend a time for us to look and check our assignment.
Thirdly, we also want to thank to our parent that are our mother and our father. Thank you for everything that both of you have done to help us. For your information, they also help us a lot. For example, they give us a strength or moral support  to do this job. We  do not  know if we can do this assignment without their support. We  really love both of you. They also give us a good advice. Our  parent also help us by giving us a money to finish this job because we have to photostat so many things.
We  also will  not forget about our friends because they are also helping me in this job. Thank you for your help especially when all of you share an idea to make our assignment and yours look nice and great. Last but not least, we want to said thank you to the librarian because they give us a time to look for a substances that required for this assignment.

Lastly, thank you to all people that helping us when we was doing this mathematics coursework. We  will  pray that God will help all of you when you have a problem and give you something to reply your kindness to us. 

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